Building Blockchain

Beyond Global Trade will be building technology for Provenance, Smart Contract, Finance, all while building Community. This will provide an efficient ”Source to Market” process and help prevent counterfeits all over the world.

Consulting For China

China has a middle-class population of over 300 million that are eager to purchase quality goods. With our years of experience and our proven track record, BGT can help companies expand into the China market. Our understanding of China consumers, product placement and retail environment will reduce risk and ease fears of the unknown. In addition, we can assist in product policing to prevent counterfeits and knockoffs. Let us help you to expand your products and brand into China the safe way!


Beyond has won several National and International design awards. Our designs are original and in some cases, hold a worldwide patent. We set out to design based off the client’s budget & requirements while keeping in mind the manufacturing capability. We create virtual renderings & product functionality designs for approval based off your vision & needs. The rendering stage allows us to eliminate the cost & development of unrealistic projects, saving your program valuable time & money. Every aspect of the project needs to meet your expectations. That includes colors, materials and exact dimensions. We can provide fabric/material samples to ensure colors match the brand. We can also provide physical pre-production samples for final sign off.Testing & compliance is a major focal point in our manufacturing practices. We only employ audited factories to produce the projects we are entrusted with. Regardless if it’s for the US market or International markets, we are more than capable of producing SAFE merchandise for global consumption. This includes, ASTM, CE, prop 65, Canadian, NZ, CCC and more.

Supply Chain

Our expertise in international ocean shipping and domestic transit allows us to help you deliver products in a more efficient time frame. This shortens the turnaround time & saves money. Understanding logistics is vital to a successful program benefiting in costs that can be put back into the product/program. We have capabilities to take the success of your products to the next level with our connections in the retail channels throughout the United States, European Union, China & Japan. We can be helpful in placing your products with the largest online retailers or inside some of the most well-known brick & mortar stores.

About Us

With over 100 years of experience in Global Trade, an extensive background in design and manufacturing, plus strong business ties in China, BGT makes communication much easier and more efficient in the trade process. BGT has won several prestigious packaging design awards for high profile clients such as Bacardi and Grey Goose. In addition, the team holds a combined 10 Patents between the countries of the US and China. BGT started Beyond Manufacturing 15 years ago and have retained the highest rating in the promotional industry. By understanding the potential of Blockchain Technology for Global Trade, our passion is now focused to build Global Trade on Blockchain Technology.

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