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BGT’s mission is to have everyone in the global trade process succeed, providing an “All Win” Solution, where businesspeople prosper and consumers get quality products they love. The rise in popularity of crypto trading has been improving global trade, which has brought in great demands for the services of BGT. The number of investors attracted to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin trading is rapidly increasing. The emergence of bitcoin robots like the Bitqt have been helping the traders to increase profits. Visit to know more about Bitqt.

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*** Microsoft, Tencent, Disney, Marvel, Activision/ Blizzard, Netease, Lucas Films, NBA, MLB, NFL, Amazon, Bacardi, Anheuser Busch/Budwiser, Modelo, Corona, Pernod Ricard, Walmart, Diageo, MetLife & Moutai do not endorse, sponsor, or have any affiliation in any way with Beyond Global Trade, this site, or any portion of Beyond Global Trade’s token sale.

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How It All Started

July 2003

Riding The Poker Wave

CEO Peter Chin starts the promotional token/poker chip business out of his garage. Using imported poker chips, he figures out how to customize them with branding.

October 2003

Learning The “Trade”

The success of the “poker craze” allowed Peter to hire a small staff to fulfill the large amounts of seasonal orders and plan for the growth of Beyond. He started by developing more relations with overseas companies and offering domestic sourcing programs. By supporting local developers and fostering innovation within the gaming industry, beyond sought to create a robust ecosystem that would not only benefit the company but also contribute to the overall advancement of online gaming using blockchain. Brace yourself for a gaming revolution, where blockchain technology meets online entertainment in the most transformative way imaginable.

February 2004

Growing Rapidly

The swift growth of Beyond causes an issue - operation space. No longer able to work out of his garage, Peter searches for a new location. He rents part of a small warehouse in the city of La Verne, California, USA.

December 2006

Fontana, California, USA - Headquarters

In order to offer better fulfillment and logistics services, Beyond purchases a building in Fontana, CA USA. This new facility is in close proximity to major airports, railways, roadways and ocean ports - making it an ideal location to be the official USA headquarters.

April 2007

First International Office - Office

The continued growth of Beyond and an increasing international presence called for the need to open a Taiwan office to improve the services we offer.

March 2013

Mainland China Office Opens

The increasing presence of Beyond in the Asia markets leads to the need to open an office in Mainland China. This allows for a streamlined communication with the producers and enhanced procurement of shipments from China.

June 2015

Hong Kong Location

To further increase our reach and increase our efficiency in Asia, Beyond opened up an office in Hong Kong. The office is mainly deals with financial matters and supports the offices in China and Taiwan.

November 2017

Met With Stratis

Peter meets with the fine people at Stratis. They discuss what is the beginning stages of Beyond Global Trade.

January 2018

Stratis Flagship ICO

Beyond Global Trade and Stratis layout the plans for the flagship ICO.

April 2018

Updated website

New updated website launch for Beyond Global Trade.

May 2018

White Paper Release

The white paper for the ICO is schedule to release in May 2018.

June 2018

ICO Pre-Sale

Beyond Global Trade plans to hold a pre-sale for the ICO.

July 2018

ICO Sale

ICO Sale for Beyond Global Trade will be in July 2018.

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